Helical Pier Installation

Helical Pier Installation

Helical piers are able to be used in both compression and tension applications which make them an attractive alternative for deep foundation construction. Helical piers have the advantage of rapid installation with small equipment, immediate loading capabilities and cost efficiency when compared with traditional foundation methods.

A helical pier can be a solid square steel shaft, a round shaft open steel pipe pile or a combination of both square and round with one or more helical plates welded to the pipe near the tip. The pier is installed by rotating the shaft. As the shaft rotates, the helical plate advances into the ground “pulling” the shaft with it. This action is much like a wood screw. A helical pier is generally used to resist compression and lateral loading.

Helical piers can provide support for various foundation types:

  • New construction
  • Underpinning and foundation repair
  • Utility and municipal foundations
  • Soil screws and retaining wall tiebacks
  • Lighting foundations
  • Telecommunication tower foundations and guy anchors
  • Harbor/aquaculture moorings
  • Walkway and boardwalk foundations
  • Pipeline and storage tank foundations
  • Solar field foundations

The helical pier reaches the competent soil located below the active zone, creating a predictable torque-to-capacity ratio. The true helix geometry of each steel bearing plate will minimize disturbance of the soil—no excavation or spoils will need to be removed during the vibration-free installation. This can be installed in limited-access and low-head room areas, and is able to be installed in any weather condition.

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Helical Pier Installation
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