Northern Enterprises Boat House
"Sunland Development, Rudy, and Bryan Byler are in the midst of building a 12,000 sq ft building for us. The building is 200 feet long by 60 wide, 26 feet high, divided into 8 rental shops that are individually heated, metered and with sprinkler systems.

Sunland has been instrumental in all phases of the building, design, permitting, engineering, and construction. They have spent many days of their time searching for ways to provide us with a building that we could afford, would pass all codes and regulations, and still fill the needs of our customers. They have been aggressive in research and developing a building plan through all the government, rules, regulations, and codes.

We feel that we have a very good working relationship with them and that the building is proceeding with much attention to detail. We find that all Sunland’s employees are very good to work with and are interested in giving us the best possible product.

I would gladly recommend Sunland Development and will be in contact with them when we have future work to accomplish."

Kenneth Moore, Owner
Northern Enterprises Boat Yard Inc., Homer, AK

Yakutat Power Plant Building
"I would like to thank you for the professional job you and your company has done building the new Yakutat Power Plant. I have been involved in construction of one type or another for over 35 years and have a very high regard for you and your crew. I feel like I have been a part of the process with your openness and honesty.

As far as the quality of work is concerned I am impressed with your eye for the details. Anyone can purchase a building package and put it together. But you and your crew have dealt with the complete site as if it were part of your own company. To overcome all of the logistic, weather, labor and equipment challenges in remote areas like Yakutat Alaska is a challenge in itself. I have seen you deal with all of the challenges in a professional and expedient manner. And I must say that 90% of the project has been completed in nasty rainy weather.

You also have no qualms about taking something apart if it isn’t right and making it right. I rest assured that even without a constant inspector Sunland will make sure that their work is above the minimum code standards and built to their standards of high quality that they are proud to put their name on. And the work ethic is fantastic! I don’t think that the project has had one down day since it started.

Thanks for the fantastic job you have done for the Alaska Energy Authority, Yakutat Power and the Community of Yakutat Alaska. I feel that we have a building and site that will last for many years and serve the community well.
I would recommend Sunland Development Company LLC for any project that they feel comfortable with."

Scott Newlun, General Manager
Yakutat Power, Yakutat, AK


The Sport Shed Piling and Building Repairs
"We hired Sunland Development Company to repair severe piling damage at our building on the Homer spit. The series of extreme high tides with storm force westerly winds had torn several pilings from under our building. Time was of essence on this project to stop further deterioration of our structure. The re-construction work had to be done during another set of high tides with strong winds.

Rudy Byler of Sunland Development Co. flew a structural engineer to Homer to assist in the design. He kept us informed of the progress and did the repairs immediately to avoid further erosion. We found him to be professional and prompt. The quality of work exceeded our expectations and the repair cost was well below the bid he provided us.

We would highly recommend Sunland Development Co. The job was done quickly and professionally. As it was repair of storm damage on tidal land, the project had complex factors impacting the completion. We were very impressed that the job was completed at a cost well below the estimate provided. We felt that he was very consciencious of cost in the design of the repairs."

Tabor R. Ashment, Owner
The Sport Shed, Homer, AK

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